Hard to forget....Impossible to remember (carmelsyrup) wrote in boys_are_bad,
Hard to forget....Impossible to remember

My boyfriend

Let me be the first to actually write something about a guy:
Matt is my boyfriend and everthing has been going okay and then here comes one of my friends and she becomes his "best" friend and they talk on the phone and she even goes ove to his house in the morning to get high. And before she even met him, she was all against drugs. She even tried to make her boyfriend quit, of course he didn't so when she found out that he has been doing it she started doing it with my boyfriend. One day me and her boyfriend got to talking about it and he said that she would hang up with him to talk to Matt. Now doesn't that sound suspicious?

I know this isn't really talking bad about guys but its more than what you guys have.
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