.:::Fregin Manda:::. (manda_panda70) wrote in boys_are_bad,
.:::Fregin Manda:::.

real name: Amanda (but I’m into nicknames. You can call me pretty much anything and I’ll respond)
gender: Female
online alias(es): luvin nanners
birthdate: 10/07/91
where are you from?: San Antonio, TX
height: who knows? 5’3 maybe??
weight: 110-120
eye color: greenish/brownish
hair color: light brown (some people say I’m a blonde I’m not!! It’s light brown!!)
ethnicity: white?
picture (optional): I don’t really take pictures of myself. This one was kind of a joke...I promise I don’t usually have a mustache!

And this next one was taken in Theatre when I was dressed as a plumber. haha > </p>

marital status: single...sadly
how do you feel about your (current) relationship (or lack thereof)?: It sucks. I’m totally into this boi, he knows, but doesn't seem to care.
sexual preference: straight
attitudes toward sex: Ok, I personally think sex before marriage is wrong, but if you disagree, that’s cool I’m not going to tell you off or think any less of you.
hobbies: dancing
collections of any sort?: BEANIE BABIES!! (haha I stopped when I was 8 though)
favorite color: a lot of colors, mainly black, blue, red, or anything bright
favorite movie: (it changes a lot) Either Duplex or Monty Python and the Holy Grail
favorite quote or lyric: I’m sorry I can’t be perfect
favorite music genre: I guess rock and punk. But I’m flexible, I’ll listen to pretty much anything
favorite musician: eh. No one in particular.
favorite food: ITALIAN!!
favorite refreshment: tomato juice...yum! :P

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