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holding hands

ok so last night, after the movie. my boyfriend and i were walking to the car and when we walked by people he knows(i don't know them)he stopped holding my hand. this is not the 1st time he's done this. is it just me or is that wrong?

btw i'm 16 he's 20

please comment with advice.
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It's not just you girl, but how long have you two been going out?
If it was just recently you two hooked up then thats kinda normal because he probably not sure what his friends will say about you...Either way though, you should talk to him about it.
so true u read my mind...hi im ashley!!!
Hi i'm Desirae
nice to meet u i love ur name DESIRAE its so calm but sweet....
hi, im ashley my boyfriend is 18 and im 15 and to me age shouldn't matter but talk to him about it and if he tells u well my friends think its wrong to be with some one so young then tell him, how u feel.. thats whats i did cause the same thing happened w/ me i just told my boy friend, am i not who u wanna be with or what>? u have some one eles whats the hell is it..>? and i told him up front i really dont like the way u act in front of ur friend with me u act like u dont even care or even want to be w/ me.. do his friend know u and know u r his girlfriend?